Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the voting phase of Best of the Pines 2024!

When is voting?
Voting begins on July 10 and ends July 31, 2024.

How often can I vote?
You can vote once per category during the voting period. You will be able to tell if you voted in a category by looking at the ballot.

How do I get nominated?
Nominations are closed. Write-in nominations were submitted by readers through the ballot on our website from June 3-23, 2024. The top 8 eligible nominees for each category were selected for the voting ballot.

Why wasn’t my business nominated for _______?
As stated, nominations are determined by our readers submissions during the nomination period. They are not determined by The Pilot staff. If your business did not make it to the ballot for a certain category, then it is because it did not receive enough nominations to make it onto the ballot.

Why have some category names changed from the nomination ballot to the voting ballot?
This doesn’t happen often, but we reserve the right to update categories for voting based on the information collected during nominations.

How come my address on the ballot is listed as _____?
The ballot integrates with Google Business. If your address is showing incorrectly or has errors, please make sure you have registered your business with Google and they have the correct information. The ballot should update with the new information within a few days. If it doesn’t, feel free to contact us.

Why do some businesses have their logo and others don’t?
Businesses can choose to enhance their nomination with an Enhanced Listing. Click here for more info. If you would like to purchase an Enhanced Listing, please contact your account rep at The Pilot or email

Do I have to advertise in the magazine to be nominated/win?
No way! No purchase is required to participate in the competition or to win the competition. We are not shy in telling you that advertising in our magazine helps because it is the best way to remind the voters about your business and what category you’d like to be considered for. Much like political candidates advertise to get their name out to the public (but we do not allow negative ads).

Also, we would not be able to do this competition every year without our advertisers. It costs a lot of time and money to do a competition like this.

Any restrictions on voting?
Voters must use their own email address when registering to vote. Email addresses must be valid. A voter can only use one email to vote in the competition. The system we are using has a complex system to help eliminate potential voter fraud. Any votes that trigger the system are reviewed. Votes that cannot be verified or show signs that they may be fraudulent may be eliminated.

Any restrictions on who can win?
Any business or individual who does not provide good representation of The Pilot LLC or the Best of the Pines competition may be determined to be ineligible and eliminated from the competition at any time. Also, any business that has demonstrated an unwillingness to follow the rules of the competition may be eliminated.

Are businesses allowed to use customer emails to vote for themselves?
NO. The ballot platform we use is well-versed in identifying and eliminating many of the ways companies attempt to commit voter fraud. They’ve even implemented new features this year to further identify and mitigate potential fraud. We are confident that this platform ensures we have the most honest and valid competition we can.

Are businesses allowed to offer incentives in exchange for votes? 
NO. We do not allow this. If we become aware that a business is offering freebies or discounts in exchange for votes, this may compromise your standing on the ballot.