Who Needs Attention? You Do!

Best of the Pines success starts with Round 1: Nominations. Let’s do this.


  1. Ask for them: We’ve created “Nominate Us” ads that you can use on your website (below). Be sure to place one in a prominent position so your customers see it, and then link back to https://bestofthepines.com/ so they can easily access the ballot.
  2. Send reminders: Post regularly on your social media accounts, asking your followers to nominate your business and provide this link: https://bestofthepines.com/
  3. Repeat: Send emails to your customer database. Recommended dates:
    • May 24: Nominations are open!
    • June 3: Friendly reminder to make nominations
    • June 11: Last call – nominations end June 14!
  4. Speak up: Tell your customers which categories you want to be nominated in. Download this PDF flyer to put by your register and make it a priority to ask your customers to nominate you.
  5. Let us help: Download our free social media graphics. They are pre-formatted and labeled for the appropriate platform.

Note: The Pilot owns all copyright, including Best of the Pines images and other intellectual property rights in materials that are created by The Pilot for our advertisers. Reproduction of those materials without our expressed consent is a violation of the copyright law. All Best of the Pines images must include the “Nominate Us” or “Vote for Us” verbiage; use of the blank contest logo is prohibited. If you have any questions, please contact our ad director Ginny Trigg at 910-693-2481.

BEST OF luck to you!


Copy and paste these URLs to help your customers jump to your group of categories on the ballot:

Arts & Community: https://bit.ly/45nQQDd

Business & Professional Services: https://bit.ly/3q5Oskm

Family: https://bit.ly/3BN7VsR

Food & Drink: https://bit.ly/42WnU3z

Health & Wellness: https://bit.ly/45fgrye

Home & Home Services: https://bit.ly/3MORX80

Pets: https://bit.ly/3IxhEqR

Shopping: https://bit.ly/3IA0Pvv


Click on each link to download each file as a PDF.

2023 Top Tips to Get Nominations PDF

2023 “Nominate Us” Flyer PDF  


On a computer, right-click on each image below to save to your device. On a mobile device, long press or tap-and-hold on the image to save.

Downloadable Display Ad for Your Website (600×500)

Downloadable Display Ad for Your Website (970×200)