Best Unique/One of a Kind Shop


Step off Northwest Broad Street into Mockingbird and get ready for some serious browsing. It might be a small space, but Mockingbird is chock full of items that might range from sensationally aromatic candles to irreverent makeup bags to children’s books. When you need a gift but have no clue what to give, chances are you’ll find something to fit the need. 240 NW Broad St, Southern Pines • (910) 692-5338 •

2. Dunrovin
3. R. Riveter



Best Home Improvement/Hardware Store

Burney Hardware

Burney is the kind of hardware store you can walk into and be greeted and offered help immediately. The Ransdell family that owns Burney is a multi-generation troupe that believes in making sure customers get what they need, even if that’s just some information or suggestions. And if Burney doesn’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll get it in for you, no questions asked. 11865 Hwy 15-501S, Aberdeen • (910) 944-1516 •

2. Lowe’s Home Improvement
3. Ace Hardware



Best Florist

Jack Hadden/Aldena Frye

From their shop in downtown Aberdeen, Jack Hadden Floral & Event Design carries on the long tradition established by Aldena Frye in supplying high-quality flower arrangements and a host of tropicals, plants and dish gardens. 120 West Main St, Aberdeen • (910) 295-1614 •

2. Carmen’s Flower Boutique
3. Botanicals Fabulous Flowers & Orchids



Best Maternity/Baby Boutique

Belli Bambini

Our kids would gladly run around naked as the day they were born. While that might be cute as a post-bath thing, no one wants that come Sunday when it’s time to leave for church or go visit the in-laws. Belli Bambini has been steadfast over the years in stocking clothing and accessories ranging from “merely cute” to “amazingly adorable” to “I wish that came in an adult size.” 165 NE Broad St, Southern Pines • (910) 692-6926 •

2. Bump & Baby
3. This Little Piggy



Best New Clothing Store (2016 or later)


Kataphora Boutique opened in the past year in the Morganon Park South shopping center and has the good fortune of good neighbors. It lies next door to the popular and recently opened Duck Donuts and across the parking lot from the Pure Barre fitness center. Its inventory of fashion forward clothes and accessories fills a unique niche in the shopping center. 1752 Old Morganton Rd, Southern Pines • (910) 246-0635

2. Curvy Diva’s



Best Thrift Store/Resale Shop


Brilliance meets bargain at Fifi’s on Broad Street in downtown Southern Pines. Here you can find some of the most trendy names in design at prices that would represent a “sale to end all sales” at the department stores. Oh, and it’s not just clothes. You’re going to find shoes there. And pocket books. And accessories. And stuff for dudes. Look smart, be smart — that’s the whole point of hitting the thrifts, isn’t it? 290 SW Broad St • (910) 246-2929 •

2. Habitat for Humanity Restore
3. Puzzle Piece



Best Lingerie Store


There’s something special about the lingerie department at the Belk in Pinecrest Plaza in Southern Pines. For starters, it has its own door. You don’t even have to traipse through the rest of the store. The store offers a wide selection that caters to everyone from Nana looking for a nightgown to young women looking for something with a bit more style.  1 Pinecrest Plaza, Southern Pines • (910) 692-6088

2. Knickers
3. Excitement



Best Estate Sales Team

Paul Blake & Associates

When it’s time for mom and dad to transition to a smaller place and clear out a lifetime of accumulated material, it’s a daunting challenge for the rest of the family. Paul Blake has been there for years to help organize, price and find new homes for many of these cherished things so their specialness lives on. Except maybe for that odd nutcracker that came from the trip to Pennsylvania Dutch Country back in the 70s. Southern Pines • (910) 315-4501

2. A Sweet Transition
3. Hollyfield Design



Jingle Bells! Best Store to Deck Your Halls!

Hobby Lobby

In this category, the voting wasn’t even close. The national chain store Hobby Lobby ran away from the competition when it came to the issue of Christmas decorations. The store carries a wide array of seasonal products and does not shy away from religious items. 160 Brucewood Rd, Southern Pines  • (910) 246-0925

2. Gulley’s Garden Center
3. Mockingbird



Best Grocery Store

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter continues to dominate the local grocery scene with its three stores, but it has especially outpaced everyone with its monolithic enterprise off N.C. 211 in Taylortown. About the only thing you can’t do there is get your car serviced — althought you can fill it up with gas! Just know that if you drop in for milk and bread — Winter is Coming! — you’ll be in for a bit of a walk. But if you’re counting steps on your Fitbit, you’ll be happy. 305 Ivey Ln Pinehurst • (910) 255-0104

2. The Fresh Market
3. Lowes Foods, Southern Pines



Shave and a Hair Cut? I’ll Only Go to This Barber

Sandhills Shave Shop

From his shop in the Fairway Village on U.S. 15-501 in Pinehurst, owner Glenn Parker gives his clientele an uncommon experience that used to be quite common back in the day. That hot-towel shave might be a “dying art,” as Glenn says, but the look and feel of it can’t be beat. Just expect to pay more than two bits. 9735 US Highway 15 501, Pinehurst • (910) 215-9505

2. Dapper Barber & Shave Parlor
3. Anthony’s Barber Shop



Best Storefront Window Display


Casual Broad Street shoppers are all about their window shopping, so it’s important to make the best use of that glassed-in display case.  Mockingbird owner Sundi McLaughlin goes to just the right extent to entice customers to come in and browse without visually overpowering them in the window display. 240 NW Broad St, Southern Pines • (910) 692-5338 •

2. The Country Bookshop
3. River Jack



Best Home Furnishings Shop

Pier 1 Imports

The merchandise in Pier 1 is so seasonal and turns over so regularly, you sometimes forget how long this staple of retail has been around. But watch The Blues Brothers and, in the scene of Jake and Elwood Blues driving through the shopping mall, you catch them speeding by a Pier 1. That was 1979. Today, you’ll find an eclectic mix of styles and merchandise for the home. But there’s still no drive-through. 9 Pinecrest Plaza, Southern Pines (910) 692-2924

2. Charlotte’s
3. Framer’s Cottage



Best Furniture Store


If you’re looking for a unique piece to finish out a room or something to build around, chances are good you’ll find something workable at Charlotte’s Furnishings and Finds in downtown Aberdeen. Owner Charlotte Williams brings in pieces from all over, especially market samples that are bound to be rare and hard to find elsewhere. Oh, and did we mention she has a degree in Interior Design? So if you need decorating help, you’ll find it there too. 101 N Poplar St, Aberdeen • (910) 690-7922

2. Mid-South Furniture
3. Badcock



Best Custom Jewelry

Hawkins & Hawkins Fine Jewelry

Mark and Liz Hawkins make and sell some of the most stunning, eye-catching jewelry you’ll find around town. Their store at 145 W. New Hampshire in downtown Southern Pines highlights the work they do and sell. They bring in pieces from estate sales as well as major designers. 148 E New Hampshire Ave, Southern Pines • (910) 692-3749 •

2. Honeycutt
3. Aberdeen Bead Co.



Best Interior Design Store

Village Design Group

Whether you’ve just moved to The Pines or can remember when U.S. 15-501 was two lanes, you’ve got a certain style that represents your life. Voters felt like Village Design Group was the place to go for tasteful advice on everything from furniture to wallpaper and designer fabrics. 10700 US-15, Southern Pines • (910) 692-1000 •

2. One 11 Main
3. Eloise Trading Co.



Best Women’s Clothing Boutique

Living on the Bliss

One of downtown Southern Pines’ mainstay boutiques, Living on the Bliss began five years ago over a glass of wine between the mother-daughter team of Cindy Miller and Cassie White. Today, the store offers an array of modern styles, boots, accessories and — true to their roots — items for decorating the home in your own style. 168 NW Broad St, Southern Pines • (910) 246-1800

2. Apricot Lane
3. Cooper & Bailey



Best Place to Buy ‘Healthy Eats’

Nature’s Own Market

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a joyless dive into wheat germ. When they walk into Nature’s Own, customers find an open and airy expanse with an active juice bar and lunch counter, along with shelf after shelf of foods, freshly baked items, vitamins and personal care products designed to boost health. 195 Bell Ave, Southern Pines • (910) 692-3811 •

2. The Fresh Market
3. Southern Whey



Best Decorative Lighting Store

A Light Source

Go to downtown Aberdeen on Main Street and you’ll find Mark and Cheryl Smith and the lighting business they’ve owned for 25 years. A Light Source offers solutions from a number of high-quality vendors and advice from top-notch staff. 114 W Main St, Aberdeen • (910) 944-9100

2. Lowe’s Home Improvement
3. Premier Lighting



Best Toy Shop

The Little Toy Shop

For more than 20 years, Linda Levy has been delighting children of all ages with a charming collection of toys, games and dolls. Even Santa likes to come visit at Christmas time to get ideas about what the kids want. 230 SW Broad St, Southern Pines • (910) 692-2522

2. This Little Piggy



Too Uncomfortable to Count Sheep? Best Place to Buy a Mattress

Sweet Dreams

Was it all a bad dream or just a bad mattress? A good-night’s sleep is an important component for good health but it’s frequently one we neglect. Keith and the staff at Sweet Dreams are excellent at fixing you up with your bedroom partner. 150 Commerce Ave, Southern Pines • (910) 246-2233 •

2. All-American Mattress
3. Sleep Store & More



Best Locally Made Product

Southern Pines Brewing Co.

They’ve only been around for three years, but it feels like the folks at Southern Pines Brewing have been around a lot longer. Whether it’s their flagship Duck Hook or something a bit more flavorful and crafty, the Southern Pines Brewery’s lineup are to be found at most every tap and cold case in town. 565 Air Tool Dr E, Southern Pines • (910) 365-9925

2. R. Riveter
3. Heritage Flag Company



Best Place to Get Your Jewelry Repaired & Cleaned

Honeycutt Jewelers

It’s a fact of life. You’re going to bang that beautiful ring against a cabinet or car door at some point. And even if you’re not a klutz like us, everyday wear is going to make that ring or necklace less than lustrous. The folks at Honeycutt are good at making your bling sing like new. 110 NW Broad St, Southern Pines (910) 692-2388

2. Hawkins & Hawkins
3. Heavenly Pines



Best Estate Jewelry

Hawkins & Hawkins

Some of the best jewelry is called “timeless” for a reason: it’s been passed down from generation to generation. Mark and Liz Hawkins have a special eye for finding such pieces so that they can be worn again with pride. 148 E New Hampshire Ave, Southern Pines • (910) 692-3749 •

2. Honeycutt Jewelers
3. Whit Lauter



Best Jewelry Store (for collectibles)

Hawkins & Hawkins

Voters in this category thought Hawkins & Hawkins had the best line of collections, from pendants and earrings to bracelets and more. 148 E New Hampshire Ave, Southern Pines • (910) 692-3749 •

2. Framer’s Cottage
3. Honeycutt Jewelers



Best Store for Outdoorsmen (and women)

River Jack Outdoor Trading Co.

At River Jack, gear for the frontier meets fashion for a weekend hanging with friends. It might just be a simple carabiner, a new pair of water shoes or a kayak. River Jack over the years has become a beloved corner store for nature’s explorers and more than a few active-duty military guys who know who can hook them up with good stuff. 181 NE Broad St, Southern Pines • (910) 692-5225

2. Dick’s Sporting Goods
3. Ed’s Gun Shop



Best Pro Golf Shop

Pinehurst Resort Main Golf Shop

For years, the main golf shop at the other end of the main resort clubhouse has been a must-stopover for visitors wanting to take home the Pinehurst logo and make all their friends jealous. But you’re also bound to find plenty of locals checking out the latest in fashion and golf accessories from all the hot brands. 80 Carolina Vista Dr, Pinehurst • (844) 330-1669 •

2. Pinehurst Country Club
3. Robert’s Golf Shop