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Bars & Nightlife


Best Place to Blow Off Steam With Your Coworkers

Southern Pines Brewing Co.

After a long day of carping about work to your co-workers, everyone makes a plan to head for their favorite watering hole — to carp about work. Nice. What better to sooth heated words than with a cold draught from Southern Pines Brewing. 565 Air Tool Dr E, Southern Pines • (910) 365-9925 •

2. The Wine Cellar & Tasting Room
3. The Bell Tree



Best Pub Experience

Dugan’s Pub

Step into this traditional Irish pub in the heart of Pinehurst and bend an elbow in pursuit of taste-testing a fine frothy Guinness or Harp. Then order up a plate of fish and chips. Cable-knit sweaters aren’t required. 2 Market Square, Pinehurst • (910) 295-3400 •

2. Southern Pines Brewing Co.
3. Drum & Quill



Best Place to Get a Specialty Martini

Ironwood Cafe

Once upon a time, the main choice for a martini was shaken or stirred. Today, there are myriad ways of making a martini. The bartenders at Ironwood won’t shake or stir you wrong. 2176 Midland Rd, Southern Pines • (910) 255-0000 •

2. Bonefish
3. Neville’s



Best Bartender & Where to Tend Bar

Nick at Curt’s Cucina

515 SE Broad St, Southern Pines • (910) 725-1868 •

2. Kevin at Ashten’s
3. Cheryl at Southern Pines Brewing Co.



Favorite Local Beer (and who makes it)

Duck Hook

It’s a clean sweep in this category for Southern Pines Brewing Co. Duck Hook is the brewery’s original quaff, and it’s still every bit as refreshing and distinctive as it was three years ago. Or, as the duck said, put one on my bill. 565 Air Tool Dr E, Southern Pines • (910) 365-9925 •

2. Man of Law
3. Malty by Nature



Best Late Night Hang Out

The Jefferson Inn

So the clock has struck midnight and it’s still too soon to go home? This ain’t New York City but you’ve still got some cool hang outs you can hit, including the back patio at The Jeff. 150 W New Hampshire Ave, Southern Pines • (910) 692-9911 •

2. Neville’s
3. O’Donnell’s



Best Date Night Activity

Do you really have to ask?

No. No we don’t.

2. Drinks & live music at The Jefferson Inn
3. First Friday



Best Pub or Bar Food

Chapman’s Food and Spirits

We’re pretty sure the “Lobsta Fries” are not a true New England delicacy, but that doesn’t mean they’re not delicious. The perfect complement for sharing when you’re also sharing pitchers. 157 E New Hampshire Ave, Southern Pines • (910) 246-0497 •

2. Maxie’s
3. Dugan’s Pub



Best Beer Selection

Southern Pines Brewing Co.

Yes, the beer selection is super: the brewery has plenty of their own on tap along with some special guest appearances from other craft breweries. But you’ll also find cider and — gasp — wine!  565 Air Tool Dr E, Southern Pines • (910) 365-9925 •

2. Southern Pines Growler Co.
3. Triangle Wine Co.



Best Hangover Cure

Sizzlin Steak or Eggs

You need one thing and one thing only to make it past this hangover: grease. Get that hangover lubricated with a big ol’ plate of eggs over easy and a steak. And if it was liquor, you might add bacon and grits to help things along. 1850 US-1, Southern Pines • (910) 246-1495

2. Betsy’s Crepes
3. Bojangles



Best Place to Go on a Date

Ironwood Cafe

So you want to look like you’re mature and have taste, even if that’s the first two lies you’re going to tell this evening. A date at Ironwood is going to make you look like you have class and a discerning palate. Extra credit: sit on the patio and pretend you know all the things planted around you. 2176 Midland Rd, Southern Pines • (910) 255-0000 •

2. Ashten’s
3. Chef Warren’s



Best Wine Shop

The Wine Cellar & Tasting Room

Discerning wine aficionados mix easily with those who don’t know Prosecco from prosciutto. If you’re in the latter category, relax. Owner Robyn James and her staff can make you look clever and knowledgeable. And they keep a secret. 241 NE Broad St, Southern Pines • (910) 692-3066  •

2. Triangle Wine Co.
3. Sandhills Winery



Smallest Men’s Bathroom

The Ice Cream Parlor

There’s no excuse for missing the seat. This is a defining moment in the history of “small.” We didn’t take a tape measure to it only because we couldn’t fit one in there. 176 NW Broad St, Southern Pines  • (910) 692-7273

2. Pine Crest Inn
3. So Pies



Best Bourbon Selection

Southern Prime

It’s ok that your go-to drink is a Manhattan or an Old-Fashioned or even a whiskey sour. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to have it with a well brand. Good heavens. Southern Prime has the good sense — and selection — to craft a bourbon cocktail worthy of Don Draper himself. 270 SW Broad St, Southern Pines • (910) 693-0123 •

2. Beefeater’s
3. Ironwood Cafe



Best Non-alcoholic Hang-Out Spot

The Ice Cream Parlor

The Ice Cream Parlor wins, assuming there’s no rum in the rum raisin. Whether you’re coming from yoga class, the office or the pool, you’re going to fit right in with everyone else. 176 NW Broad St, Southern Pines • (910) 692-7273

2. Reservoir Park
3. The Roast Office